Rainy Bead Table Wednesday

I'm trying to write this while I eat lunch. . .pardon the orange rinds and pizza sauce. ;)

Why am I writing with food near? What inspires this reckless abandon near my laptop?
I want to get some thrifting done this afternoon. I was afraid it wasn't going to happen when I awoke to stormy skies (I'm no fan of driving in the rain.)

However, it's starting to clear up for now and I think I might be able to slip out for a few hours.

Of course, it's also Bead Table Wednesday, and I need to show you what's layered on top of the craft desk.
First are these earrings whose design was stuck in my head when I woke up this morning. Yup, another design that I dreamt.

In addition, I started writing  the descriptions for the jewelry items in this tray.

As well, I went to Michael's last night and picked up this organizer-bucket thing.

It's much needed since I've got all kinds of beads that have yet to find a home (all my other organizers are FULL.) Instead, the new beads are strewn around on my desk, overflowing in this planter I keep on my side table, and stuffed in the little drawers of another organizer on my desk.

Hopefully, I'll get to the organizing soon. For now, why don't you check out the other bead tables in the Bead Table Wednesday Flickr group.
Bead Table Wednesday

As I've mentioned, the spring rains have begun. In honor of them, I listed this bracelet today.
After a Spring Rain Bracelet

Can you see the seed beads in that bracelet that look like the raindrops in this picture?

It's time for me to finish up my lunch and blow this Popsicle stand. Or something like that. . .


  1. Okay, that organizer thing? Cool!! Have fun thrifting, if you went ;)

  2. Holly, I DID go! Hopefully I will be sharing some pics later.
    As for the organizer, I've been eying it for a while. It's not expensive or anything. I just wasn't sure I wanted ANOTHER organizer in the craft room. Now, to actually get the dang beads in it!

  3. Ha It must be Spring cause I just reorganized everything in sight!!! I was determined to buy the organizers AND actually USE the organizers!

  4. I finally got to filling up that organizer. Just before I went shopping for more beads. . .that I now have no place to put. sigh.


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