Cleaning Foyer and Dining Room (TRT)

Guess what!! I got those pictures for you. No one responded about whether they care or not, but I want proof that my house was clean. This seems the best way to do it. Without further ado - my dining room and foyer before and after:
Dining room before

Dining Room after (you can't tell, but I even hung some more stuff on the walls)

Foyer before

Foyer after

Of course now that I've been cleaning, LOML has decided to get in on the action and is making an effort to clean out his office (hurray!) However, in doing so he has come up with a huge pile of boxes he needed to get out of there. After a meeting last night, I came home to this in the living room:Ahhhhhh! He swears it will be out the door tomorrow even if I have to take it to work and put it in the dumpster there myself.

Moving on to some randomness - here's "Totally Random Tuesday"
  • Check out this guesstimation game. Basically, there's a bunch of stuff and you have to guesstimate how much. Total time waster, but addictive.
  • Wow, this firefighter tool is perfect as a zombie-fighting weapon. I soooo want one to keep under my bed in case of zombie attacks. I don't currently feel really well-armed and prepared.
  • Now, here's a game for you - it's a really hard maze game.
  • Greg Rutter's list of 99 things you should have already experienced in the internet. I haven't reviewed the whole list yet, but do know many of the ones listed. If you don't have time for it, I may share some of the best with you at a later time anyway, if I haven't already.
Lastly, I wanted to share this with you. In cleaning the kitchen I found this little basil plant kit I bought sometime last year. I went ahead and planted the thing. Look, look!! I've got a few sprouts. I hope it's basil. I'm just proud to know that I can grow something.
Maybe it'll stay alive. We'll see.


  1. Hope, I am really proud of you for your cleanup, but I think that you missed a real opportunity. There are shows that will film the before, do the cleanup, and then film the after. In other words, you could have gotten some two bit cable program to do the work for you, never had to lift a finger, gotten sent off to relax in a hotel, and after it was all done, they would have given you new stuff. Next time, you should really let things devolve to a point where it looks like you suffer from some mental disorder. That's how to get the goods! ;)

  2. LOL!! I tried that. Did you SEE the before pictures? I guess I'm boring you guys with the cleaning reports, I'll try to come up with some better material.


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