Avoidance (ThTh)

I'm having a hard time getting motivated today to do the whole cleaning thing. In fact, I'm having a hard time getting motivated to do anything today, except take a nap. THAT actually sounds exciting!

Eh, I'm just tired. I helped with the nieces last night so my mom could meet with one of the committees. They were actually pretty okay. Homework was a breeze, dinner was a little bit of bargaining, then we CRAFTED!! I took over some of those velvet art things (you know, where you just color in with markers) and my step-dad just happened to have two packages of foam art Easter window decoration things. What a relief!! These two projects kept them quiet, calm, and out of the living room while the ladies met. After the girls were in bed, my mom and I talked for HOURS before I headed home. It was nice, but a really long evening.

Now, I'm just pooped. The running list in my head is shouting at me - "ORGANIZE the dining room, CLEAN the bathrooms, PICK UP the bedroom, OMG HAVE YOU FREAKING SEEN THE CRAFT ROOM."

So, to avoid all of that I'm writing a blog post. Yes, it's more relaxing than all those other tasks. Anyway, let's get to "Thrifty Thursday" while I decide what I feel like doing:Okay, I'm not sure how I managed that, but those are all food-related. Hopefully, some of you are looking to reduce your food bills or whatever, so hopefully this helps.

I guess I've avoided those other responsibilities long enough now, it's time to DO SOMETHING productive. Wish me luck!!

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