Getting Started - One Step At a Time (WWWW)

Do you ever get so frustrated that you just can't make a decision? I'm not sure that's the best way to express it, but it's coming out that way.

Yesterday I could not even THINK about work. The task that I had to do from home was absolutely non-inspiring. I did my morning routine - check e-mail, read industry-related articles and blogs, etc. But then. . . I hit a wall. I did NOT want to move forward onto focusing on a client. Instead, guess what I wanted to do - guess. If you've been hanging here long enough you should know the answer.

I wanted to focus on being creative and pursuing the desire to do that full time. So, instead of working, I created a banner for my Etsy shop. There's still nothing in the shop - and I'm waiting for my paypal account to get set up - and my To Do list for this whole venture seems to grow by the minute. I cried a little to LOML about my frustrations, but he offered no solutions, just the suggestion to move forward, do SOMETHING. So, the banner was made. I like it, but I'm not in love with it. It may change some more now that I've had the time to get one made and focus on what I want. It's a step forward in any case.

So, I apologize for my absence yesterday, but my focus was elsewhere.
I'm here today, just in time for "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday."
  • Time magazine has this list of the 99 videos and websites that any self-respecting internet addicted geek has to see (and should have probably already seen) I haven't had a chance myself to review the list.
  • Now, there's a whole blog devoted to showcasing tacky weddings. Believe it!
  • This bring a whole new meaning to the term "shot" gun. It's products you definitely need to check out for your next party.
  • Check out the drawings by this one artist who worked as a waitress and sketched her clients. It kinda makes you re-think how you treated that server that one time.
Happy Hump Day!!

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