More Cleaning Done - Success! (FGF)

After all that moaning over my lack of motivation yesterday, I finally got some cleaning done.

It wasn't much - just the dining room and foyer. I even took some 'before' pics, but then it got too late (dark) to really get the 'after' ones. So I failed in that respect but am quite proud that the majority of the front of the house is done (superficially.) Both rooms required dusting, so I had to go through the process again to prep myself for the task. I'm happy with the results overall.

As far as the "front" part of the house goes - there's only the garage, sun room, and laundry room left to do the basic cleaning. However, there's NO WAY to get the garage and sun room done without the help of LOML. He's got a lot of stuff stored in both areas and some work to do on the sun room in order to make my work feasible. The laundry room, however, should be a breeze.

Now, it's Friday and I feel pretty good about what I HAVE accomplished. I'm trying NOT to think about the Craft room (saving it for last) and the HUGE, tremendous, overwhelming mess in there. So, let's move on, not think about it, and do some "Feel Good Friday" links:
  • After all the talk I've had on dust, here's some information on how to make your home dust proof (some of it sounds like a heck of a lot more work to me.)
  • Check out this slideshow on the 7 most effective exercises (with tips on the side.)
  • While getting my home in the shape I want, I've been contemplating my own shape. In an attempt lose weight and stay healthy (one small step at a time), I've been working on increasing my water intake. For the past three days I've had 16oz before my coffee and an overall intake of at least 32 oz each day. It's a start. And, it makes me feel good.
Hopefully, I'll get some more work on the house done over the weekend. Of course, I do have another meeting at my mom's house too. We'll see. In any case - it's a weekend and I'm gonna do my best to enjoy it. You do the same!!

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