Weekend Rush (MMSM)

Weekends just fly by, don't they?
It's such a shame. They're the best part of the whole darn week.

The weather was supposed to be crummy all Saturday, so LOML and I (mostly I) got ourselves good and sloshed Friday night, only to discover that Saturday was a really lovely day. We didn't ruin it too much, just slept later than we would normally.

Once we rose from our alcohol-induced comas and had some breakfast, we were out the door to the pitcher plant bog for a hike and some picture-taking, to check out some property a few towns away, lunch, some shopping, and then home again. We covered so much of Baldwin County (largest county in Alabama), it's hard to believe.

Sunday was more simple - breakfast and then I was off to a meeting at my mom's house and then there the rest of the afternoon.

I really wish there was more to the weekend - more outdoor activities, more house-cleaning, more time. And, SOME crafting at all would have been great. It is what it is though, and it is over. Awwww. . .

So now, it's "Made Me Smile Monday." Let's get to it.
  • Here's the 5 ultimate office pranks. I personally don't think they're the "ultimate" or best, but they are pretty funny.
  • The Twittersphere has been revealed for what it really is. If you Twitter or simply understand twitter, you will get this. If you don't, you may not. Hubby got tickled when I showed him this video because as it was playing, it was having trouble loading because my twhirl (twitter client) kept interrupting it. Yeah, he was almost on the floor in stitches. He's not a tweeter.
  • This detention notice is pretty funny. Click on the link or picture to see a bunch of other exams and other school-related paperwork is at the bottom of the page that's also funny!!
  • You think you live in a bad neighborhood? This one must be have one heck of a neighborhood watch
I know I promised pictures of the clean dining room and foyer, but those have yet to be taken. I'll get to it if anyone is really interested. Are you?
I'm simply proud that over the weekend I did not allow the house to fall back into disarray. GO ME!!!
Until next time.

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