Non-Intended Blogger Break (FGF)

I've been lousy this week. Feeling lousy - lousy at blogging - and even lousier at getting anything accomplished (haven't made dinner all week, haven't cleaned house, haven't logged in many hours at work, haven't really crafted even). I guess I needed a break from routine and my body made me take it.
Oh, I did other things:
Monday, I met with the new costumer for our Mardi Gras society;
Tuesday was St. Patrick's Day and LOML and I had dinner with some good friends;
Wednesday was dinner with some of my best friends and then drinks out with one of them; and
Thursday (last night) LOML and I ran some errands to pick up and take items to his sister and then his parents before going out for dinner.
I've had a headache almost all week and was not in a very good mood about it.
Sometime yesterday evening I started feeling better. The vice grip on my head released. Now, I feel like I'm ready to get some things done - start some spring cleaning (it is the first day of Spring and all), hop into the craft room and produce again, and generally be active.
However, my weekend plans are all but set in stone. Oh, there are intervals here and there without an agenda, we'll see how that goes. I'm still looking forward to it in any case.

I don't have much in the way of "Feel Good Friday" but here's what I've got:
  • These 101 easy home makeovers really are quick and easy fixes for a variety of rooms.
  • I'm ready for some new clothes and a bit of new style. I feel like I'm in a fashion rut. So, I've been browsing through wardrobe re-mix on Flickr for inspiration and am now pumped and ready to head to the thrift store.
That's all for now. Have a fabulous weekend where ever you are!!

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