Crafty Update and the Weekend (MMSM)

First and foremost, I posted not one but TWO entries over at my Fairy Creative blog. One is a review of the crafts I did last week and another is the first of the "making do" series I contemplated on Friday. Let me know what you think. I've already had a few friends suggest that I open an Etsy shop. It's in the works, really!
The weekend was nice. No margaritas on Friday, but dinner with friends and then some Rock Band playing and homemade barley wine (sooooo good). It was fun.

I spent most of Saturday with my mom: helping her with some tasks for her upcoming term (if she's elected as expected) as President of our Mardi Gras Society. There's still more to do, but much of it cannot be completed until after the election later in the month. My nieces were at her house and they decided to try to hand sew. I had to show both of them the basics (quickly) and let them just go for it. I was then interrupted ALL AFTERNOON to tie knots, thread needles, untagle thread, and un-sew (quite a few) stitches as the oldest decided to try to embroider with her sewing machine thread. I explained repetedly that embroidery thread would be a better choice for the task she was trying to complete. Unfortunately, I didn't have mine with me and she was intent on trying. What can I say, at least they got something from me.

Sunday was just for for me and LOML. We spent most of the day out and about. He needed some new jeans and we just wanted to be out of the house. Yet, it was too cold to really do anything outside. So, we went to the bookstore, did some shopping, and had lunch before heading home for me to play in the craft room. In the evening we went to our margarita spot for dinner. The waiter immediately offered to bring up two margaritas. He looked shaken when we declined. Hey, it was Sunday night. Who needs a hangover on Monday morning? They're already tough enough.

Well, if you are having a tough Monday (and even if you're not), here's some "Made Me Smile Monday" for you.So, that's all for now. I've a great big TO DO list going of what I need to do and learn to do in order to open my Etsy shop. If anyone's got any tips, ideas, or suggestions - bring it on!!

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