Macro Nature Walk

In our attempt to be more active and healthy, Pat and I went on a nature walk/hike this afternoon. Since I didn't have any pictures ready yet for I Heart Macro Sunday, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to capture some. (They'll be toward the end of the post. . .sorry)

We went to the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge on Fort Morgan Road in Gulf Shores.
Trail Sign
 It was really cool how the trail varied so much from one area to the next.
Shaded by oaks
Open up to the lagoon
Thick with Foliage

There was so much going on, it wasn't hard to find some great textures and subjects for macro shots.
Mexican Heather
A fallen palm log
Palm leaves
Cool twigs and berries

After four miles, we were pooped out and hungry. However, we were definitely pleased with ourselves and I was happy to have gotten some pictures to share with y'all.

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How was your Sunday? was the whole darn weekend?


  1. Looks like such a pretty walk! I've never heard of Mexican Heather before. Sure is pretty!

  2. Hope, Glad you and Pat had a nice walk it is a very pretty area down there. The last time I was in that area was in the late 80's on a weekend get away with my late husband.

  3. I love your walk! Palm trees, palm, and the Mexican heather looks like some type of orchid! (But I'm always saying that. ha!) I'm so glad you shared it all with us!

  4. ...that's such a great combo; getting out in the fresh air and soaking up nature's bounty, AND capturing it in your camera for your memory-box. Lovely trek you did.

  5. Beatutiful! What a great way to enjoy nature and get some exercise!


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