BTW: Shabby Beads

It's that time again, Bead Table Wednesday!
I guess technically, it's that DAY again. . .but whatever.

Since I probably bored y'all to tears yesterday with all my bullet points, I'll try to keep today's post short and sweet.

The big question is "What's on your bead table today?"
Mine looks like this.
Oh the mess!
Because I've been making these
Shabby Beads
Bead Table Wednesday
and show off "What's on YOUR bead table today!"


  1. Hope! I love these "shabby" beads!! The colors are outstanding!

  2. Yep, I am totally in love with these babies! Great job!

  3. Oh yeah Hope, I'm totally loving those shabby beads!

  4. Perfectly colored for Spring!! :-)


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