Macro Sunday: Disc Golf Course

Pat and I talked all morning yesterday about getting out of the house and doing something in the fresh air. When we finally decided on disc golf I knew that hiking through the course would be the perfect opportunity to snap some shots for I Heart Macro Sunday!
Stupid azaleas already think it's Spring
This pine root has been rubbed smooth from being trod on.
A gnarly knot of thorny vines was a little scary.
These tiny mushrooms climbing up a sapling caught my eye.
The disc golf course rungs along the local baseball fields. There are always lost balls along the trail. I love the frayed stitches of this one.
The peeling bark of what I think is a cypress tree is just so cool.

So those were my favorites from our exercise yesterday. Join up some of your own shots over at Studio Waterstone for I Heart Macro Sunday.

I'll be revealing the piece I made for the Chinook Blog Partners Design Team tomorrow (the post is already scheduled) so make sure to come by and check it out!!


  1. I love these macros!! I think the baseball is my favorite though - it's just nostalgic, I think!

  2. That baseball shot is my fav! Great shots.

  3. Great shots Hope, glad you and Pat got out into the fresh air and had some fun.

  4. great shots, the pine root looks like there's a heart on it and love the baseball shot....
    have a wonderful week

  5. I see an owl figure in the pine root. Can you see it? Love the fungi picture too.

  6. T- Yeah, I see the heart too now that you mention it. The baseball is my favorite, though I'm not sure if it classifies as macro enough or not! I hope your week is fabulous as well!

    Linda- Yup, the owl seems to have it's head right where T (above) sees the heart. I didn't notice either until the two of you mentioned it. Fungi is probably a much better description than mushrooms for what's climbing up that tree! So glad you like my shots. :)

  7. Wow I love the heart in the second should send it to Clytie at Guest Heart Thursday!

  8. Great texture in the last photo.

    Regards and best wishes


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