Chinook Designs Blog Partner Reveal

Remember a couple weeks back when I threw a bunch of bullet points your way about my mail and giveaways  and general beady. . .stuff?

No? Well, let me remind you.
I mentioned in that long list that I had been selected by Mellisa of Chinook Designs to be a Blog Partner for the month and get to use one of her fabulous ceramic pieces to make a design.
Now, when I say fabulous, I really do mean fabulous!
If you've been around here any length of time, you KNOW I adore the color blue and you should be familiar with my obsession with buttons. So this little gem really made my day! (Thanks Mellisa)

Of course, since I liked it so much I couldn't imagine how to 'better' it with a design. So, I pondered it for a while. As I played around with the ceramic button, it felt so light and delicate and fragile, but it held up to my handling of it (and that's impressive for Miss Clutzy right here. I'd use my two thumbs to point at myself, but I'd probably just poke my boob.)

ANYWAY, back to the design. 
It was obvious that the button was a FOCAL piece, but it needed just a little sumpin, sumpin.
At last, I decided to try something new. (click on image for larger pic)
I added fiber. Basically, it's just bits of ribbon, lace, and fuzzy yarns; but I don't usually work with those materials in my designs.

With heavy gauge black annealed steel wire (coated and sealed with Renaissance Wax); I made a large loop, wrapped it, weaved it through the button's holes, and then wire wrapped the top. The fibers are simply tied onto the loop. (I will probably add a little fabric glue to make sure the knots are secure.)

For the chain of the necklace, a small gauge black annealed wire (also sealed) was used to wire wrap coordinating beads in violet, pink, black, cream, and light blue. The wire was wrapped so it formed a bit of a bead cap on either end of the beads.

A hook and figure eight eye clasp was made with some super heavy duty annealed wire and attached to the chain.

I really had a lot of fun creating with this pendant. It definitely allowed me stretch to my imagination (and you gotta love that!) I want to thank Mellisa for selecting me to be a blog partner this month and I only hope that I did her beautiful pendant the justice it deserves.

Check out Mellisa's blog, her Etsy shop, and how to become a blog partner!

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  1. A beautiful piece! I love the dark wire against the pale blue focal. And the fibers and colorful beads make this a great piece!

    I've never been able to wrangle fibers into submission. Any time I try to use them they just end up looking like something a cat threw up.

    You mentioned that you coated the steel wire before sealing with Renaissance Wax. Can you tell me what you use to coat the wire?

    Nice job! Have a wonderful week!

  2. It looks like everyone designed with fiber! I love the chain you made. Very pretty!

  3. Cillia- HA! I guess we all did. I think that maybe the button automatically makes you think of fabric or fiber. We seemed to all have used different shades and in a different way though. I just hope we made Mellisa proud! Thanks!

  4. I love the contrasts here... light and dark... hard and soft. The color palette is like a walk in a spring garden with the buds just peeking through. And I love that you stretched yourself with this challenge. I work with blackened steel wire all the time, but I like to scrub the black off so that it gets this lovely steel color. I will have to try to resist the urge to do that because this is lovely. Beautiful work! Enjoy the day!

  5. I love how everyone used fiber but in such unique ways! My favorite thing about the blog partner challenges is getting to see so many different designs...all completely different from anything I'd ever come up with! Thanks for participating :)

  6. This is so you Hope a little bit of fiber and beads mixed media - reminds me of a gypsy! Love all the colors in this too! XOXO

  7. Hope I love your necklace you did a great job with showcasing the button with the fiber pieces, and the had made chain is awesome. Two thumbs up to you Girl!

  8. Wow, great piece Hope! You all had fun!

  9. I love that you did something to push your creativity, Hope. I especially like the way you wire wrapped the spring-colored beads onto the handmade clasp. Super cool!

  10. Wow, that is inspired! Your chain is gorgeous and the fibre really works! I have never tried fibre in my designs but yours makes me want to try!


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