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Adventures Abound Earrings
as the title suggests, I just want to share a few giveaways and some news about my shop real quick. First, the giveaways:
As far as the shop, the earrings above and the necklace below have been relisted.
Garden Enchantment Necklace

In addition, there's FINALLY something new in the shop; this bracelet!
Pink Lemonade Bracelet

Finally, a group of items was placed ON SALE. Including these:
Laughter Falls Necklace
Steampunk Circus Earrings
Bubbles Ascending Necklace

I've now GOT TO finish my Chinook design for the reveal on Monday as well as get pictures ready to go of my bracelet for the 7000 bracelets of Hope blog hop that's on Saturday. Busy, busy!!


  1. I love all your pieces, especially the 'Pink Lemonade' Bracelet!

    Thanks for the heads up on the giveaways!

  2. I love the pink lemonade beacelet and the circus earrings!

  3. I love that pink lemonade bracelet!

  4. Hi Hope,
    I like all of your pieces, but I must say that Laughter Falls necklace is my favorite.

  5. Hope, so many beautiful pieces! My favourite has to be laughter falls though, really gorgeous!

  6. So many favorites here! Love your eye for color!


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