Hey there. . .

Just popping in you remind you that the 7000 Bracelets for Hope Blog Hop (hosted by Erin of Elysian Studios and Christine of One Kiss Creations) is tomorrow. I've already got my blog post scheduled (look at me being proactive!!) It'll be up at just after midnight (Central Standard Time) if you're in a rush to see it and are a night owl like me.

Anyway, while I've got you here let me share some pretty pictures!
This spring-like necklace was just re-listed
Garden Blooms Necklace

And another something NEW!! Woohoo!!
Owl Be Cute Bracelet

Alrighty. . .it's Friday and almost time for some Margaritas. Do you mind if I give another woohoo??!!
I didn't think so.


  1. Hope,
    You are productive today or is it that you just want everything done so you can enjoy a Margarita or two, three, four LOL! Love the necklace and bracelet. Now I need to get my blog post done for the blog hop tomorrow I not only have the 7000 bracelet one, but Andrew Thornton's also for tomorrow. I think I need a glass of wine!

  2. Guess I have 6 minutes to go! :-) Just a little anxious is all! I'll come back to see your bracelet in a few minutes! --Sharyl

    P.S. Love the jewelry you've been showing lately! These are great!


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