Macro Sunday: Inside Your Closet

Another Macro Sunday is upon us.
Since I was out of town the past two days, I really hadn't thought much about my macro shot(s) for today. Oops!!  Since the February Photo-a-day prompt for today is "Inside Your Closet", I went with that.
These are all sections of a pretty little purse I have hanging in my closet.


  1. Hi Hope,
    That is a pretty little purse.

  2. Wow...incredible detailing. The purse is so unique, I love it.

    MY MACRO LINK Drop by and see if you can find something seasonal hidden in the images. Just for fun.

  3. Adorable purse - love it! Great shots!

  4. Anni- Thanks so much for stopping by, I'll be heading over to your post in post a moment!! ;)

    Shel- Thanks. I was really at a loss over what to for my macro shot(s) so it worked out perfectly! yay.

  5. Hope...I edited part of your comment you left me because others may want to guess, and you were right about the 'hidden' object that was not really hidden at all.

    But, while editing your comment, I left your link and part of the comment that doesn't reveal where/what it is. Hope that's okay.

  6. What a beautiful purse. I love the macros also. They show the texture so well.


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