Fifth and Sixth of July Were Good Too and MMSM

Shucks, the long weekend is over. It was good timing, I really needed that time at home and with LOML* after being gone most of last week. Sorry for my little rant on Thursday, I WAS PMSing (dangit!!). I feel better now.
Since we did have a three-day weekend, I was able to have some fun AND get stuff done:
    • Crafting: some embroidery, painting and decorating a bracelet, and making a wreath for a friend who is expecting (using the ribbons off the gifts given to her at her baby shower, some yarn, and some filler flowers)
    • Yes, she's expecting a girl (and is being induced as I type)!!
  • Got to see my family on Saturday while they were fishing (until a massive storm began to blow through) and go to the beach on Sunday.
  • Got some stuff done at the hizz-ouse (how do you spell that anyway?) from the shit-to-do list, mostly cleaning out our closet. Between the two of us, we have a very full, huge lawn and leaf bag full of clothes. [Tonight we want to tackle the boxes around and under the bed (so we can set up the universal bed frame) for the new memory foam king-sized mattress that will arrive tomorrow!! We've been sleeping on a double bed since we got our first apartment together about 8 years ago.]
  • Finally watched P.S. I Love You (and cried the whole way through)
Though, Monday had to come. That makes it "Made Me Smile Monday" - lucky you!!
That's all for today. LOML* and I are going to try to get some more done tonight to prepare for the new mattress. We're SOOOOOOOO excited!!

*LOML=Love of My Life

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  1. Yea!!! Baby K!!! So did you make it down to the hospital or home or wherever she ended up??


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