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Well, it's the first day of October and the weather is actually starting to be kinda bearable (which means that I don't explode into a perspiring mess as soon as I step out the door.)

October is my favorite month for may reasons: the weather, my anniversary, my birthday, Halloween, etc. It's just a good, fun month.

Today, I'm just sharing a bunch of links with y'all in THREE different categories. The first is just random stuff that I think you need to see or would like:
The second category is crafting. Today's topic? (my favorite) JEWELRY!!:
 Last category? Well, I want to share some links for Halloween (I'm going to try to share some each day this month leading up to the big day, so check back for more!):
So that's it for now. Sorry there isn't more, but apparently the finally changing seasons have affected my allergies and I've been miserable most of the last two days. You should see my poor, sore, red nose. . . maybe you shouldn't, it could be a scary Halloween decoration itself (or maybe even Christmas. . . . Rudolf and all.)

Anyway, have a great weekend!

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