What I Really Should be Doing . . .

- Washing clothes
- Reading more of THIS BOOK

- Using tips from the book to market my jewelry
- Editing photos
- Taking photos
- Writing descriptions
- Listing items in my Etsy shop
- Cleaning litterboxes for adorable kitties
- Scrubbing bathrooms
- Getting some of the Halloween items from the storage building
- Making some Halloween decorations
- Paying bills
- Picking up my collection of trash and junk on the ottoman of my chair
- Cleaning the craft room
- Paying Bills

Instead, I've wasted the day making my craft desk look like this

Well, . . . . at least now I have a list.

I need to also share some more Halloween links with y'all:
AHA! THAT's been accomplished!
And, now I'm off to accomplish something else. . . dinner!

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