Like Links in a Chain, So are the Days of Our Lives (or something like that anyway)

So, I apologize for the sappiness of the last post. But, it HAD to be done. Of course, as soon as I put it up, I RAN into the other room to beg that my dear, sweet husband not be upset that I not only posted ABOUT HIM, but that I included pictures OF HIM!!!  He's kinda private and shy like that.
He did go read the post and even seemed to appreciate it (wink, wink.)
So, I think I'm forgiven.

Since I'm still battling a bit of this change-of-the-seasons crud cold and really want to try to accomplish something in the craft room, something has to give. As such, today you get links (and no pictures, sorry!!)
First, some random I-found-this-on-the-internet-and-want-to-share links
  • Geocities-izer: makes ANY website look like it was made in 1996 or so. It reminds me of the good OLD days of the internet when everything had to have movement and too much color and sound. So it stands to reason that they all came with the added plus of vertigo . . .
  • Crayons carved into the 12 Chinese zodiac symbols. If you've been around much, you know how much I love crayons, so this kicks butt!
  • Your next read recommends what book you should read next. I'm constantly looking for a tool like this as I'm always on the lookout for a good book.
Next, some crafty links . . .and Halloween Crafty Links at that!!
That's it. That's all I got in me today. Check back tomorrow for more, hopefully much more, from me.

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