The Weather is Here, and It's Beautiful

OH BOY! What a weekend that was.
Friday night - Margarita Friday with Pat and some close friends
Saturday - a beautiful wedding and one heck of an Alabama football game (Roll Tide, by the way)
Sunday - a wonderful day with my sweet husband

As the weather is becoming cooler, I'm so excited to be spending a little more time outside.
Yesterday was one of those "I MUST play outside" days.

Pat and I went back and forth about what we wanted to do: head to the beach, take a walk, ride our bikes, fly a kite, etc. In the end, we headed for the disc golf course here in town. The day was beautiful and the temperature divine. I had to snap a few pictures.

We weren't out there long since everyone else seemed to have the same idea, and we had to wait a while to start the first tee.We did leave with a bit of low blood sugar. So, I talked Pat into taking me to Mr Gene's for a Fairhope Float.

FYI - that's coffee, frozen yogurt, and whipped cream (with cinnamon sprinkles)

After actually getting some exercise, I know it was bad to suggest it, but it was OH SO GOOD!!

Anyway,I promised some Halloween links. Here you go!
 Lastly, I posted a new pair of earrings tonight.
The Writing on the Wall Earrings

Later y'all!

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