Your Favorites Where Ever You Roam

It’s another "Techie Tuesday" and I’m back at work, so I am definitely in tech/geek mode (despite the migraine that is attempting to debilitate me). I do apologize for my lack of posting interesting subjects over the weekend and yesterday. Without LOML* at home, I don’t know how to act or what to do with myself.

I’ve already suggested the use of several of my favorite tools: Radio sites and bloglines. Similar to bloglines is However, with you can tag entire sites, not just blog feeds. Basically, this is like the favorites button on your browser. Yet, you can access this list of sites anywhere you can access the Internet. It is a social site and you can see what other people have tagged and how many other people have tagged the same sites as you. I do not use it in a ‘social’ aspect at all, only for keeping up with sites that I may want to visit later. is owned/managed by Yahoo! And can be added to your Yahoo! Toolbar or simply added to your toolbar for easier access, if you like. I do like having it right there so I can tag sites immediately. LOML*, on the other hand, doesn’t like to have his on the toolbar as he feels it clutters up his workspace.

On a personal note, working at home yesterday was a bit surprising. I’m not sure if it was the lack of interest I had in the task I brought home to do, the other things I had on my mind, the not feeling well, or just working at home in general. I found that I could work for an hour to an hour and a half before I got restless and had to do something else for a few minutes. Perhaps I do this at work and don’t notice. However, I even felt guilty for doing things like getting a snack or going to the bathroom and didn’t want to claim my time for those activities. Though, I knew these were activities I would normally perform at work at not need to clock out to do. I really did have a hard time working overall. I have worked at home in the past and been quite productive. I was just moody, distracted, and ill yesterday I guess.

*LOML=Love of My Life


  1. Hey, Hope. You were wondering who has been reading your blog - I AM!

  2. Thanks Jen - It's good to know that I'm not just talking to empty space ('cuz then I'd feel really silly)!


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