The Good News Is. . .

Though I cannot reveal all the details, LOML* said I could go ahead and spill the beans. In an earlier post, I mentioned another job he may be getting. Well, he did go to DC for the interview, and they have officially offered him a position. I'm not allowed to say what the company is yet, that may come later. Yet, it does not make much of a difference.

They want him to start ASAP, so his last day at work (with me) will be in ONE week. He will then have to fly to DC for a week, fly home for Thanksgiving, fly back to DC for a week, then fly home and officially begin working from home. Whew! He'll be busy. I don't know what I'll do for those two weeks he'll be gone. Ideas anyone?

We're all pretty excited, and I wanted to share the news since I did allude to the job previously.

*LOML = Love of my Life

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