What Do You Think About That?

Since I didn't post so much last week, I thought I had more for you on this "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday."
Don't be disappointed just yet. I think you'll like what I do have for you:
  • Heartily, I wish you a Merry Christmas Ho, Ho...wait - Santa can't even say that anymore.
  • With that in mind, are you sure you know what you are saying? The words you choose may not mean what you think.
  • And hey, don't get caught with you pants down, especially around your bicycle. You may be accused of having sex with your bike.
  • If you think that's pretty outrageous, you'll never believe that Britney is giving out parenting advice - and to Heidi Klum of all people.
  • For those who are Harry Potter fans, check out these sneak peeks for the Half Blood Prince. I'm so excited to know that it's already in production.
  • Need something ridiculous and ridiculously expensive, check out some of Sky Mall's odder merchandise.
  • Lastly, and on a serious note - I have had a hard time figuring out which candidate I support the most in the upcoming presidential election. Minnesota Public Radio has a short quiz that helps you select your candidate based on your political views. It cleared things up for me a bit. But, I'm not going to tell you who it paired me with, try it for yourself.
Well, I told you it would be a short list.

1 comment:

  1. Ok, my candidate was only second on my list after taking the quiz! I don't care, I'm voting for him anyway cause he is the best :-) They need to add some more questions to that quiz or something. lol.


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