And He's Off

It's been a whirlwind weekend. I'm about to take LOML* to the airport (again) so he can start working for his new company. He's still in a daze and can't believe he has the job of his dreams. I can't believe I'll be here all alone. Those of you who know me, though, know that I'll find something to do and won't stay bored for long. I can always entertain myself quite nicely. However, if you want to help me keep my mind off his absence, please do not hesitate to offer an invitation.

On a crafty note, I have started a new necklace that uses pretty fall colors and will share an image later. I did have something for a Sunday post and may share that later as well.

Anyway, we're about to be off, so please keep LOML* in your prayers. This flying back and forth makes me nervous. I hope to post more for y'all later!

*LOML=Love of MyLfe

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