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It's geek day...uh "Techie Tuesday" again. I have a simple but useful online tool for y'all today. It comes from everyone's favorite search engine, Google.

I'm talking about Google Alerts.
This great tool will send (to your e-mail) posts about any subject you request. Google even states some of its handy uses as:
  • monitor a developing news story
  • keep current on a competitor or industry
  • get the latest news on a celebrity or event
  • keep tabs on your favorite sports team
I use Google Alerts for both work and leisure. I have alerts set up for "copywriting" (for work) and "frugal" and "thrifting" (for leisure.) It's a great way to keep up on your favorite topics without having to perform a search every day.

Best of all, it's so easy to set up:
1. Go to
2. Enter the search term(s) which interest you
3. Select the type of source from which you want to receive information (comprehensive, news, blogs, web, video, or groups). I usually select comprehensive so all my bases are covered.
4. Select the frequency at which you want to receive the e-mails (daily, as-it-happens), or weekly). My preference is daily.
5. Enter your e-mail address
6. Click 'create alert'

That's it. You should start receiving alerts the following day. It is really handy for work or any research you are doing. Just like searching in search engine, try to be selective about the terms you enter or you never know what you may be sent.

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