Top 10 Geeky Gifts (Wishlist)

The gift giving season is officially upon us (as if you haven't noticed). 'Black Friday' has come and passed, as has 'Cyber Monday.' If you're like me and haven't started your holiday shopping, get your butt in gear. There is plenty to choose from this season.

Since it is "Techie Tuesday," I present you with the gadgets and geek toys that I think are the coolest so far. This is my own personal geek 'wishlist' if you will. Those of you who know me, know that the typical gift I receive from my husband (LOML*) is a gadget of some sort, to my mother's dismay. Some of my favorite and most well-worn possessions (TiVo, MP3 player, PSP, Dell handheld computer, Gameboy, etc.) have been my geeky gifts. However, this year, I've asked for something more traditional (he knows what it is.) This is repeat request, but this year, we may have the money so I can actually get it. Yet, if he must resort to gadgets again, here are my Christmas Top 10 Geeky Gifts. Use this list to shop for the geeks and aspiring geeks in your life.
  1. This leather solar powered bag (while a bit manly) is awfully cool. It would be great for for all my other gadgets. However, I don't have any sunlight at work so I'm not sure how I would manage it. I'll have to ponder that one.
  2. Ah, the ultimate - an iPhone. LOML* and I have been dreaming of one since they were revealed. Yet, changing services and the initial price has made it difficult. However, this would be a godsend for my poor purse and my back. An iPhone would eliminate many of the gadgets already in my purse and make it weigh considerably less.
  3. Because I love to read AND I love gadgets, Amazon's Kindle would be ideal. However, it would not affect my almost weekly trips to the bookstore (for the coffee). Seriously, check out this link and watch the video - you've never seen anything like it.
  4. A USB drive bracelet (wristband). If mine was actually attached to me, I would be so much less likely to lose it. Look at all the beautiful colors you can get. I'm sorry I don't have a link to these. My search found this beautiful image to go with an article saying these would be available at Target. Yet, Target only has 'Hannah Montana' or 'High School Musical' bracelets. I'm NOT interested in those.
  5. Alright, so I don't really want these as Christmas GIFTS, but I want one of each. It's the Roomba and Scooba. These are robots that clean your carpet or hard floors. I HATE cleaning, and these would make my life so much more pleasing. The link to the Scooba shows that you can get a free Roomba if you order that Scooba now.
  6. I have wanted a 20 Q for a while now. It's just a small, electronic, handheld 20 questions game. I have friends that have one, and I swear, the dang game can read your mind - it's kinda freaky. It would be an excellent stocking stuffer.
  7. A GPS Navigation System would be so very neat. I don't really have a great need for one as of yet, but do have an irrational fear of getting lost. This one from Tom Tom is pretty affordable, as far as GPS's go.
  8. I would really love a new camera. One that takes still pictures and video would be AWESOME. Again, I do not have links for this. I have not done any extensive research to locate the exact one I want. But a camera is definitely on the list.
  9. Sirius Satellite radios are pretty sweet. I think a portable one would be great so it can be used anywhere. Again, I do not have all the details of what's included in the satellite deals, but it's all on their site. Think about it, radio without the commercials. I'm addicted to talk radio and this would have more than I could imagine. Cool, cool, cool!
  10. Lastly - GAMES for my Wii, PS2 (PlayStation 2), and PSP (PlayStation Portable)
    1. For the Wii: Guitar Hero 3 (with the Guitar), Mario Party 8, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Lego Star Wars, My Sims, Carnival Games, Smarty Pants, Cranium Kabookii, Pool Party, My Word Coach, Luxor.
    2. For the PS2: Buzz! The Mega Quiz with 4 Buzzers, Wheel of Fortune, World Series of Poker, Family Feud, and Super Bust-a-Move 2.
    3. For the PSP (my favorite way to play): Sims 2: Castaway, Atari Classics: Evolved, World Series of Poker 2008: Battle for the Bracelets, The Sims 2: Pets, Super Collapse! 3, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of WarLords, World Championship Cards, Crush, and Pocket Pool.
Now you see how big of a geek I am. I hope this list helped you locate a gift for a geek you love or helped you find what you want for the Holidays. Happy Shopping!

*LOML = Love of My Life

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