DIY Jewelry

Inspiration Flowers from Art Elements (Adding loops to a small tin)

Create a Bracelet with Leather

Altering a Wire Cage into a Woven Tassel Necklace

DIY Enamel Flower Necklace

DIY Wire Frame Earrings

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Moon Phases Hinged Pendant

Honey Dipped Crystal Necklace
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Easy Earrings for Everyone

Aging Wire for Jewelry-Making

Ghost Tassel Earrings
Beaded Candy Corn Charms
Button Bracelet Tutorial

Creating an Altered and Riveted Pendant from a Tin

Use Leftover Beads to Make a Necklace

Make a 4th of July Necklace

DIY Washi Tape Earrings

DIY Shrink Plastic Firefly Earrings

Make Sweet Key Earrings

Easy Button Bangle DIY

Text Beads and Altered Fringe

Quick Fix for a Missing Rhinestone

Easy Dollar Tree Halloween Earrings

Make Bead Tangles

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