New Jewelry Tutorials!

In the last couple of days, I've shared a couple of jewelry tutorials/reveals on YouTube that I don't want you to miss. 

First, I participated in the #BeCreative challenge from Terry of The Tapping Flamingo. The challenge was simply to use either Love or Mardi Gras as your inspiration to create something, anything! I couldn't decide between the two prompts so I made something for each of them. First was a simple strung bracelet for the Love prompt. 

Then, since I'm from the birthplace of Mardi Gras (Mobile, AL), I HAD to make something else. I went for a simple pair of earrings with salvaged rhinestone charms. 

You can watch my Be Creative Challenge reveal for February to see how I pulled these two pieces together. 

If you want to see what the other participants made, click #BeCreativeFebruary2022 to go to a list of the other reveal videos. 

And then, today is the reveal day for the Pirates Pretty Jewelry Challenge. Like the previous challenge, I mentioned this one in my February Inspirations and Challenges list. It's a birthstone challenge in which we were to use amethyst to make a bracelet using either silver or rose gold. And, we had the option to include the fun elements of birds or feathers. I ended up making two bracelets. 

This first one was just a little experiment for me as I was learning to crochet over the month of January and one of the yarn colors I have is called amethyst. I realized that a double-crochet would be the perfect size for a buttonhole. So, I made a thin strip of single, half-double, and double crochet stitches then used embroidery floss to sew on a button that would fit in the double-crochet.

From there, I dove into the real project. I used one of my soldered bubbles because it included a color akin to amethyst and the solder is silvery. I added some matte amethyst beads that I had leftover from my 2021 Bead Soup Swap & Create. In addition, I used matte glass beads, golden glass beads (to match the gold dot in the bubble), a black glass pearl, and a wing charm. 

I think it's a fun little bracelet. You can watch my Pirate Pretties Jewelry Reveal to see how I made it as well as more details for the crocheted cuff. 

Make sure you also watch Angela's (Pirate Pretties) video reveal to learn more about next month's challenge and see what she made. You can click on #PiratePrettiesJewelryChallenge to see all the reveal videos. 

These challenges are keeping me busy and inspired for sure. And, that's nice to have a bit of motivation and drive. I hope you find some inspiration in them too!

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  1. That bauble bracelet is my favorite - it funky and whimsical! Congratulations on the crocheted one - I love the color and how you've made it with just starting to learn the technique, amazing!


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