February Challenges and Inspirations

If you've been reading my blog long enough, you know I love a good challenge. If you're new here - guess what...I love a good challenge! 😜 And, in order to keep up with all the inspiring challenges I find, I like to compile them all in one place each month so you and I can both find them easily. Let me admit that since I've been exploring YouTube a bit more, I've found quite a few more challenges there to add to this list. Some allow you to revel on other platforms, some limit you to YouTube. If you know of any other challenges or inspirations that I may have missed, don't hesitate to let me know. I'll also be adding to the list as I find more too. 

  • Sarajo of SJ Designs Jewelry has shared the February Honey Do List inspiration for you to draw inspiration from. As well, the linky tool for the January inspiration is open for quite a few weeks if you happen to find inspiration in it. I know I did! 
  • Each month, the folks at Halcraft Collection share their Pretty Palette for the month to inspire your jewelry creations. I'll put the February Pretty Palette here when it's posted. 
  • Throughout February, the #SeekGatherCreate challenge for Winter 2022 will be going on over on Instagram. Hosted by @LisaGoddard @Lauraddenison @TinaHoisArt and @Janaclinartharris, this month-long challenge is really four challenges as each week, they'll reveal a list of what you need to seek and gather with which to create. It's a mixed media challenge in which you just need to use the hashtag to participate. 
  • Nicole Watson Art on YouTube and Instagram has begun a #30MinuteThursdayArt challenge on both platforms. The challenge is to get out a journal or piece of paper, get out a timer, and just create. You can learn more from her posts. 
  • Also on Instagram and YouTube is the #JoyofBlue collaboration from Sarah of Crafting and Relaxing. The reveal for this challenge simply involves creating with the color blue and posting at noon eastern on the 12th of the month. Make sure you use the hashtag so others can find you. 
  • On the 13th of the month, Tammy of The Tapping Flamingo on YouTube is hosting a Be Creative challenge for any medium. She will offer a creative word each month for you to use. For February, she has two words you can choose from: Love or Mardi Gras. Her hashtag will change each month. The one for February is #BeCreativeFeb2022. You can watch her January reveal here. 
  • Angela of Pirate Pretties Jewelry on YouTube has announced her 2022 monthly challenge. It's a birthstone theme each month with a color, metal, project type, and (optional) fun element. For February, the challenge color is amethyst, the metal is silver or rose gold, the project type is a bracelet, and the fun element is feathers or birds. The reveal is set for the 15th of each month on YouTube with the hashtag #PiratePrettiesJewelryChallenge and/or you can join her Facebook Group and add your reveal picture in the comments of her reveal photo. 
  • This is the newest YouTube Challenge I've discovered. It's from Sweet Bee Paper Co. She selects a theme each month and gives you the opportunity to create within that theme and use #SweetBeeChallenge in your video title or Instagram post when you reveal it during the month. This month, her theme is Love. This theme is open to any medium. You can watch her February Theme announcement.  
  • My friend Nina Fickett hosts a 28 Days of Love Challenge each February. It's a daily art challenge that only asks that you create daily using Love as your theme. Though the link is to her blog, the challenge actually takes place on Instagram. You can find her there as @Nina_Fickett and use #28DaysOfLove2022. 
  • Sparkle by Monica alerted me to these next two "Collabs" on YouTube. (THANK YOU, Monica!) This first one happens on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month and is #TasselTuesday from Creating with Jovi. It looks like her most recent one had a gnome theme, but for the most part, I think it's open to the maker. 
  • This second one is the Jewelry Making Fun Collab from Dahlia's Designs on YouTube. I've got a message out to her now to find out if it's an open collab and where to find the themes. I'll update this when I have more information. 
  • How could I forget?! #The100DayProject starts on February 13th. This is a daily project that encourages you to create (however you want: paint, draw, sing, dance, make jewelry, take a walk, take pictures, whatever!) for 100 days. I've participated the last several years with a variety of mediums. And, I think I've decided on this year's project, but I'll reveal it next week. 
This list has definitely grown! Don't hesitate to let me know if you've discovered any challenges that need to be added or if you have questions about the ones I've shared. I do hope these inspire you and that you'll play along with some of them, especially since they offer multiple ways to reveal your creations. Happy creating!


  1. So happy to see some of my beading friends' collabs made it to your list! Thank you for sharing such a great combo of challenges for us all to try out!

    1. Your YouTube channel definitely provided me with some of these challenges. I didn't know about quite a few of them until I really started exploring YouTube a bit more. Thanks!

  2. I tried to send you a few last night via my iPhone, but it doesn't look like they came through. I'll do it again here from my desktop. Ah technology! lol. Dahlia Design's Jewelry & More is having her monthly Jewelry Making Fun Collab and Creating with Jovi has a biweekly Tassel Tuesday collab- both are on YouTube.

    1. Thank you for these additions, I will be adding them to the list shortly. I have a question out for Dahlia about where to find the monthly themes but am so glad to have a few more to include. Thanks so much!!


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