Five Beaded Designs from One Mix

 The folks at Jesse James Beads surprised the Design Ambassadors with a fun little challenge. We were all sent the same beautiful components with which to work.

While we were only asked to create a single design, I couldn't stop playing with these gorgeous elements and made five pieces! You can watch me reveal the bits they sent as well as make all five pieces in my Five Beaded Designs video on YouTube. 

But, if you just want to see what I pulled together, here's a reveal of each of the designs in the order that I made them. 

I was smitten with those roses and the little crimson tassels and just had to pair them up. 

This is the only appearance the crystal chain makes in my designs, but that just means that I have more of it to use later! Single links of it work as connectors for these pretty earrings. 

Those feather charms work great on their own, but the red crystals help add a little weight to these earrings. 

The maroon color of both the pearls and the tassels had me using them together, but the design changed mid-video, as you'll see if you watch. Of course, that large clasp is the real star of this bracelet. 

I always love an owl and knew I needed to use this one somehow. It became the focal on this simple necklace that uses a few more of the beads on beading wire (What!? I never use beading wire anymore.) This was quick and easy to pull together. 

And, those were my five designs. 

I still have quite a bit of chain and beads left to use on another day. It's amazing how much you get in a MINI mix from Jesse James Beads. I've still got a whole Magical Mystery Bead Box from them that I haven't touched yet. Keep an eye on my YouTube Channel for that reveal! Oh, and if you want to see what the other Design Ambassadors made, use #JJBAmbassador throughout social media to find us. (Here's the Instagram tag for good measure.)

If you're interested, these are the links to the products we were sent: 

Mini Mix in Bing Cherry

Gunmetal Rhinestone Chain

Organic Lobster Clasp in Silver

Feather Tassel Pair

Which of these five designs is your favorite? And, what would you have made?


  1. The feather earrings look spectacular. They are my favourite of the lot

    1. Aren't those fun, Divya? I have another friend that likes those too. I'm glad they're a hit! Thanks :)

  2. Oh, I adore those crimson flower tassels! And this is my favorite pair of earrings, too!


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