Thrifty Thursday - Estate Sales, thrift stores, dollar store, gifted

 Over the last several weeks, I was fortunate enough to get to pick up a few treasures at reduced to no prices! These thrifty items came from estate sales, thrift stores, the dollar store, and a friend/relative's kindness. 

Here are my thrift store finds.

And, here's a peek at just some of the haul I made at one of the estate sales.

Alright, here's a bit more.

And, my cousin/friend (it's hard to explain - we were raised together like cousins and are sure there's some distant, common relation; but we have no idea what it is) gave me a whole pile of old jewelry she found.

You'll get a better look and explanation of all of the thrifty haul as well as several more items in my Thrifty Thursday Haul Video

Now to actually take some time to create something from all (or at least some) of these treasures. Do you see anything that sparks inspiration for you? 

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