September Challenges and Inspirations

Oh, September is already getting away from me! I meant to post this list last week. As I like to participate in several jewelry and art challenges each month to help me find inspiration I might not otherwise, I share my list in case you're looking for inspiration too. 

  • The Honey Do List challenge for August from Sarajo and Eric is still open for another couple of weeks. This is a jewelry challenge that uses a single photo from Eric as inspiration. I'll update this list if Sarajo shares a September photo. 
  • The September Pretty Palette Inspiration from Halcraft Collection is called Calm Cool Collection as is a selection of peachy-mauve-pinks and a gray. Again, this is a jewelry challenge, and you can find all the information on their site. 
  • The 15th of each month (SOON!), is the reveal day for the Pirate Pretties Jewelry Challenge. This reveal takes place on YouTube and/or in the Pirate Pretties Jewelry Facebook Group. For September, we are to use the color sapphire, work with silver or gunmetal, make bracelet stacks, and (optionally) include steampunk elements. 
  • Ina Solsbery recently shared what the #4Core ingredients are for her September challenge. This is a 2d or 3d mixed media art challenge. This month, Ina asks that we have an eye (eyes) as our focal point, use script or writing somewhere in the piece, have a cluster or design/pattern of diamond shapes, and include an ombre effect. You can watch Ina explain each of these aspects in her video. If you participate, you can simply send her an email with a picture or you can make a video and share that with her as well. All the information is in the description box of her video. 
  • As well, for you Mixed Media Artists, there is "Mixed Media Menagerie" from NicoleErin, and Laura in which they have three prompts for you to use in your art journal. The reveal for this takes place on Instagram (and YouTube if you like). This month, the prompts are masking tape, tags, and leaves. 
Those are all the ones I'll likely be participating in this month as the month is already getting the better of me. Feel free to share any others you know of as I'm always looking for more inspiration. 

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  1. I have something for the Honey Do challenge and hope to be able to post before the link expires. Even if it does, I'll still blog about it. It's annoying when you have an idea and even a WIP and then you can't make the deadline :) And I love this challenge because it makes me come up with ideas other than literal interpretations!


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