Reality and a Meal Plan

Monday means back to reality for lots of us doesn't it?
Yesterday was so lovely, we actually took our bikes out for a ride.
There was all kinds of wildlife out to enjoy.
We passed this guy the first time as he was slinking about in the water.

And then saw him again on the way back to the car as he decided to get his suntan on!

There were wildflowers booming all over the trail with lots of butterflies and dragonflies shooting across the path. They were just too fast for me to get any pictures of them.

Like I said, back to reality today (with a sore butt from the 7mile ride.)
Between the anniversary and visits with friends and family, the menu this week is much the same as last week's. But, for my own piece of mind, I had to write it out (for grocery purposes.) Since it's written, I'm going to share it! Sorry. . .

Breakfasts: Cereal/grits, pumpkin cream cheese muffins, hashbrown baskets, nutella toast, cinnamon sugar croissants, omelets

Lunches: tuna noodles, leftovers, ham sandwiches, pepperoni pizza puffs, chicken fingers w/baked beans, quesidillas, pasta carbonara

Grilled Steak w/sweet potatoes & green beans
Fish w/mac-n-cheese & peas
Taco Soup

For some less repetitive menus, Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie has a good long list for you to click through!

While we're talking less repetitive, I did get a NEW item in the shop! This pendant (and even the pearls) started out as a bracelet from the muffin tin challenge that I really did like. However, the weight of the pendant with the resin and treasures in it made it way too heavy for a bracelet. It was transformed into this feminine necklace. I definitely think it works out better this way.

Jewelry Box Necklace

I'm off and running again. I'm helping some friends with school pick-up and then off to the craft store. . . .obviously. Here's hoping your Monday reality is less hectic than mine! Maybe more like his!


  1. Interesting bike ride Hope, was he someone's pet cause I noticed he was behind a fence.

  2. Hum, I'll be staying up here where those things don't occupy the water, thank you! LOL Sounds like a fun ride, and yep, Monday's back to the routine indeed! Love your menus on Monday, and keep thinking I need to jump on that bandwagon...but maybe next week...heh. ;)


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