BTW: Short and Sweet

It's time for another edition of Bead Table Wednesday.

I've been doing a lot of 'experimenting' on the bead table lately, and am really happy with this new technique of making "Shabby Beads." I like them . . .now what to do with them?

As well, I was able to make a little trip to the bead store the other day. This was all I escaped with this time!

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Bead Table Wednesday

New in the shop
Foxy Necklace
Wednesdays are usually a little crazy for me and I want to get some more work done before the crazy hits, so let me go see what else I can clutter the bead table with!!


  1. Blues and greens! My fave! :) Love the shabby beads, and that fox pendant is adorable!

  2. oh love your shabby beads, can't wait to see what comes of them

  3. Hope, Your shabby beads are pretty cool! I like those blue beads that you got at the bead store. The fox necklace is pretty darn foxy!

  4. Love the green bead string (?) in picture number two! That color just speaks to me :)

  5. What a gorgeous necklace with the fox :) !!


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