I'm Always a Little Forgetful

Somehow in my return to reality yesterday, I completely forgot that I was supposed to pick a winner for these goodies from Vintage Beads from Europe. I apologize!!

It struck me all of a sudden, so here is my rushed process to get it done. . .and build some suspense.
I listed the commenters
Cut and folded their names into a bowl
Pestered my hard-at-work husband to draw a name
Unfolded the paper to reveal the WINNER!

Congrats SHIRLEY of Beads and Bread! You've won the two baggies of beads. I've sent you an e-mail, but if you haven't gotten it, please e-mail me (CraftyHope at gmail dot com) to claim your beads!!

While we're on the subject of giveaways. . .
 Kristi Bowman (of Kristi Bowman Designs), is having a three-day sale in both her shops starting tomorrow (Wednesday.) If you help spread the word (and let her know), you'll have the chance to win these gorgeous earrings from her bead soup!

While I've got you focused on pretty earrings; check out these that I just re-listed!
Got a Little Swing Earrings

Here's hoping I haven't forgotten to do anything else. . .

1 comment:

  1. Yea Shirley, congratulations!
    Hope, those blue swirly glass bead earrings are very pretty.


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