A Little Scare (and Meal Plan)

Since it is Halloween, I'll recount a tale of fear and fun for you. (The accounts in this story are real.)
My sparse decorations this year

For my birthday, the hubs gifted me with a check to get some new clothes (don't cringe, that's what I requested.) After an early lunch on Tuesday, I set off for the outlets in Foley. I cracked myself up and cringed on several occasions with the random observations/thoughts I was having. I wanted to tweet these thoughts, but I was intent on getting some clothes bought, so I resisted the call of the internet and shopped on. My random thoughts included (be reminded that these were formed into tweets in my mind)
The Frights: 
  • Is it just me, or does anyone else ever have an unnatural fear of forgetting to put your clothes back on and leaving the dressing room in your underwear? Just me . . .
  • Why do stores have to play the most godawful techno-dance music at full volume? Do they believe this will increase your desire to quickly buy something and get out? It sure doesn't make me want to stay there!
  • What the heck is with ALL the people browsing JUST where I want to get? As well, why do they have to block the aisle so I can't even get past them? GAH!!
The Fun:
  • I WAS able to tweet about the group of (what I believe to have been) Mennonite women going into the Cornningware outlet.

Overcoming Fear:
  • In addition, I later tweeted about gathering all my courage to actually go into the Michael Kors outlet and try on something.     {They were actually very friendly and the sale items were reasonably priced, but there just wasn't much to choose from.......I guess I should have prefaced this revelation with telling you that I am intimidated easily by people/stores that think they are better than me. I grew up with clothes from K-Mart and Sears. When I finally started shopping at the Gap in high school it was a BIG DEAL for me. So stores like Michael Kors' are still quite intimidating (especially the price tags.) I'm a saver at heart and always will be, but I think I'm gaining some nerve at long last!}

  • So. . .while I'm still not quite done spending all my birthday money, let me go ahead and reveal that I got a really good deal on some pants and jeans, a skirt, a dress, a sweater, a dress shirt, a short sleeved shirt, and about FIVE long sleeve shirts.

Like I said, I still have some money to spend and my frugal self wants to spend it at the thrift store. I'm hoping to head out there after lunch.

Speaking of food. . .Since it is Monday, let me go ahead and share my Meal Plan for the week.

Breakfasts: Cereal/grits, toast, pumpkin cream cheese muffins, omelets, waffles, breakfast burritos

Lunches: Soup w/grilled cheese, ham quesidillas, hot dogs, tuna noddles, pepperoni pizza puffs, pasta carbonara, PB&J

Fish w/mac-n-cheese, peas
Dirty rice w/corn
Crockpot ham w/rice mix, corn

For more meal plan ideas, hit up I'm an Organizing Junkie for all the Meal Plan Monday links.

Here's a sweet little bracelet to go with all the candy being handed out tonight!
Assured Bracelet

I'm off for some shopping and revelry.


  1. Sounds like you had a great shopping day! Great buys, too. I'm intimidated by designer names, too, and have never gone into a shop nor tried the ones carried in the nicer department stores. I guess I should say the real famous ones, because I have bought Ellen Tracy on sale. : ) What's wrong with us? Maybe they'd all sell more if they figured out why we're so afraid.

    Your meal plan inspires me!

  2. Wow you did good on the shopping Hope! You got all of that and still have money left over, what a woman!
    That is a cute little bracelet too. I see you found a least one use for the shabby beads.

  3. Happy Birthday, Hope! Yes, I fully agree with the Frights list! As for Michael Kors, he makes me so mad on Project Runway! :) He makes me wonder if he has a heart! :) But, I hope you found something you will enjoy from his collection. Sounds like you had a fun day shopping! (I also sent you an email, check it out!)

  4. I thought I was the only one that didn't get the blasting techno music! Also, did you notice how some stores are poorly lit, I took my niece into Hollister (don't like going in there the way it is) and I couldn't even tell what the colors of the clothes were because of the poor lighting.
    Thens there's shopping for jeans .. i'm tall 5'10"... jeans are not my friend! :) 10 pairs tried on, one pair came home with me!
    Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

  5. Hi there, just wanted to let you know that you won the $75.00 gift card from Ziplist from the giveaway on my blog!! Please email me with your address and we'll get that out to you right away. Thanks and congratulations!!



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