BTW and Anniversary - Double Dose of Fun

Today is my NINTH Anniversary with my husband, the love of my life!! We're not really doing much for it this year. But, I just had to mention it. . .Oh, and if you're curious about how we met, I wrote about it for our anniversary last year.

It's Bead Table Wednesday, and I knew my first task today was going to be clearing OFF the bead table. There was hardly and space for me to work!!

Once that was done, I quickly set about filling it back up. Well, not really. I just pulled out the supplies I had gathered and started on yesterday for a few necklaces.

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Bead Table Wednesday

Take a peek at what's new in the shop
Like the Wind Necklace

And what's been re-listed
Green Leaves Necklace

I really do need to run and gather few little somethings for that man-o-mine on OUR day, so I'll see y'all later.


  1. happy anniversary......and love the beads you have out to work would you like to come and clean off my table :)

  2. It has been 9 years already??? Man I am getting old!!! :-) I hope you guys have a FANTASTIC DAY!!!

  3. My desk usually looks similar. My work area gets smaller and smaller till I finally clean it up a bit.

  4. Great necklaces! Wanna come over and clear off my table too???

  5. Happy Anniversary Hope, and here is to many, many more! I like both of the necklaces. Are the green leaves wooden?

  6. G! - It HAS been 9 years. I can hardly believe it myself. I keep doing the math and it comes up Nine everytime. . .You're not old at all!
    You had an okay day. We planning on dinner tonight. Thanks!

    Linda- Thank you!! Ha, it took just about everything I had to get the gumption to clean mine. And the only reason I caved in to doing it was because I only had one little, tiny square of workspace. It was driving my CRAZY!!

  7. happy anniversary!!! great story on how you met! musicians always made me weak in the knees ;-)


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