While I haven't touched a bead all day, I've still been fairly productive.

***I made a new header (look up, or click OUT of the feed reader to see it!!)

***The menu's made. . .

Breakfasts: PB/Nutella toast, waffles, hashbrown baskets, cereal/cheese grits, buttermilk blueberry breakfast cake, eggs w/bacon and toast, cinnamon croissants

Lunches: Turkey quesidillas, tuna noodles, chicken salad, homemade hot pockets (ham and cheese), turkey sandwiches, soup and grilled cheese, bean burritoes 

Grilled pork chops w/corn & mashed potatoes
Taco Soup (from freezer)
Grilled chicken w/grilled corn & baked beans
Crockpot ham w/green beans & mac-n-cheese

See more Meal Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

***There's a new necklace in the shop
Playful woodland pal
Sharp bristles but soft inside. . .
It’s the core that counts
Woodland Pal Necklace
 ***Two items are on sale
The Cat's Meow Necklace - 20% Off
Night Blooms Bracelet - 25% Off
See. . .FAIRLY productive. Now to hop on all the other tasks that were neglected.

OH! Don't forget that Bead Soup Blog Party signups started TODAY. You've only got THREE days to register!
Sign up and join the fun!

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