So Full of FAIL

I want to go ahead and say that I’ve been blogging for a while now, and I consider myself a fairly skilled person when it comes to technology. That kind of arrogance always leads to problems. Case in point: yesterday, I discovered what a huge LOSER I can be sometimes.

See, for a good long while I’ve been wanting to be able to reply to comments via e-mail (rather than clogging up my comments page with responses from moi.) I kept searching the settings in blogger to try to figure out how to do this. (Seriously, I went through all the setting SEVERAL times over the past eight months or so.) Yesterday afternoon I finally broke down and asked another blogger. Within minutes of hitting the send button on that request for help, I figured it out by myself. GAHHHHH!!! All I have to do is just reply to the e-mail alerts that Blogger sends me. You have NO IDEA how big of a fool I feel for simply not getting this. I think I was under the assumption that the e-mail I received about the comments was just an alert and one of those “do not reply to this” e-mails. . . how very wrong I was.

So, unless anyone has an issue with this, I’m no longer going to reply to comments in the comments section. I’ll actually send out a personal e-mail to each of you who leave a comment. The only time I plan on writing a comment to myself is to clear up anything, to answer a question, when there is no e-mail for the commenter, or when some other issue arises. I actually already started with the e-mails yesterday (when I realized how easy it was.) Does anyone foresee any problems with this?? Please let me know!

I just had to fess up as to how big of a goober I can be and why you may see changes in the comments section.**

Now for some eye candy-
Magic Stirs Bracelet  

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**{Hopefully my failure helps someone else who wants to do the same thing. Yes, I am risking my own embarrassment to help. Of course, I do realize that everyone else probably already knew how to reply to comments via e-mail and I may be just making myself look like a bigger idiot than I feel. Ah well. It is what it is.}


  1. Don't feel like a loser. You definitely aren't one. You are helping others who haven't figured out that there is even such an option.

    Now I understand why I received an email from someone using blogger in response to my comment.

    Now I realize that I can probably do the same with Wordpress.

    So thanks for enlightning me:-)


  2. OMG!!! Bahahahaha I do this all the time No fail!!! Normal!!! XOXO Well that gave me a good laugh anyway - reminds me of that commercial where the guy say " You know you just hit "reply all"? and he runs around slapping everyones computer out of there hands? Yeah that's me!

  3. ha ha ha! That is too funny. Well, if it makes you feel any better, *sometimes* you can't reply to those emails. You'll try, but if you look at the email address it's going to, it might say . And in that case, you have to reply in your comments.

  4. Your bracelet is beautiful!!

    Now let me fess up too! I'm pretty good when it comes to the computer thing but I was under the same assumption you were, that they were just alerts, i've been blogging fo just about two years and it wasn't until about a month ago that the light bulb went on about replying to blogger comments via hitting the reply! I literally was baffled at how other bloggers were doing this! And duh, I felt like a goober too!

  5. You are not a loser. That doesn't sound like something you would just know.

    Love the new bracelet. :)

  6. Hether,
    It seems your e-mails are no-reply so I do have to comment here. (CRAZY)
    Thanks. The whole comment reply thing is just something everyone else seemed to know how to do and I was absolutely struggling with it. NOT my usual when it comes to the interwebs. Anyway, it's solved now and I'm so happy it's done at long last!

    I'm glad you like the bracelet. It's one that was designed and re-designed many times. I couldn't decide how much was too much or not enough. You know?

  7. Um, er, ah...I hereby admit that I am a giant goober loser...I don't get email alerts from Blogger, and even after looking all over the settings, still can't figure it out. How do I set that up? Sure would be great to know before the bead soup blog hop. (Maybe I'll be lucky and have the *headdesk* duh moment as soon as I hit send here, but I doubt it!)

  8. ok, until i read this i didn't even know i could be alerted to comments coming into my blog. i just check it periodically to see if anyone commented. so who is the loser here?!? c'est moi! so thanks for educating me!

    your bracelet is beautiful! i love the colors!

  9. Not a fail! Replying in your comment section shows how engaged you are with your audience! Ideally, we would respond all ways- email and in our own comments. But it isn't always that easy-often saying thanks by tweeting, writing a message on FB or reciprocating a comment on a blog is all good! You rock, Hope- don't worry!

  10. I think I've been able to reply to everyone's comments with the exception of Christine. . .
    Here's what I have to say to you

    I'm so glad my post DID help someone.
    If you have a Blogger blog and need help setting that up, please let me know. I'd be happy to walk you through it (shoot me an e-mail CraftyHope at gmail dot com)
    Of course, you've probably already figured it out. . .
    I suppose none of us are losers, it's just a learning process. I was just frustrated because I KNEW it was an option, but I couldn't figure out how to opt in. DUH!!
    You are quite welcome.

    I'm so glad you like the bracelet. . .those are my favorite colors ;)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Hey Hope, don't be hard on yourselves we all have those days where we feel like big goobers. Thanks goodness we can laugh it off and move on. I had a good chuckle, so thank you very much for making me smile today! Beautiful bracelet love the colors you used, that blue is divine.

  12. This post and all the comments just crack me up:-) It is going to be a good day:-)

  13. Urracaa (Pepita?),
    I'm so very glad you are amused. But, you must have changed some kind of setting as my e-mail now marks you as a no-reply e-mail so that I can't reply that way. How weird! Anyway, thanks! I'm glad it is making your day!! :D


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