I Heart Macro: In and Out of the Yard

I think Pat's just about busting at the seams to get out of the house and onto the boat. . .even though I just rolled out of bed.
At least I already had my macro shots ready . . .well, they were in the camera already.

I spotted these crepe myrtle blooms in my driveway and knew they were destined for Macro Sunday.

Oddly, they were just in this clump/pile at the end of the driveway (not a macro shot. . .sorry.) I wish I had gotten to them earlier when they were less crunchy-looking. The Alabama sun will do that to you!

While out in the yard, I decided to go ahead and get a picture of another of the blooms in our flowerbed.

Then I rushed back inside to the cool and comfort of the craft room, where my gel medium was waiting for me. With camera in hand, I was compelled to get a shot of the neat texture within the jar.

I realized I was out of control and stopped there. (Aren't you relieved?)

Head over to Studio Waterstone for  more I Heart Macro Sunday!

While I'm here, I need to go ahead and mention that this beauty of a necklace is now on sale in the shop (since I didn't post on Friday when it went on sale. . . oops)
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Now, it's time to don the swimsuit and get outside before the weekend is over! Here's hoping you enjoy what's left of yours as well.


  1. You could have kept going as far as I'm concerned, love looking at macro shots! The texture on that gel medium is really cool, the marigold with the blue flowers behind and around it is like a notecard! Great shots

  2. Laura,
    Thanks. . .I do too!
    It's a MARIGOLD! Ha. I've been racking my brain for the name of that flower ever since the yard guys planted them. And, actually those aren't blue flowers, that's the leaves. The coloring is just a bit off for some reason. It would definitely be a bit cooler if that was blue flowers. I might just have to talk to the yard ninjas about that. . .
    Again, thank you!

  3. Ah is the season almost over for the Crepe Myrtles? It's been so hot I don't go outside unless I absoulutly have to. Great picture of the Marigold blue leaves and all! ;-) I'm sorry but I have to ask what is the gel medium used for? Have a great day on the water.

  4. Therese,
    I'm not sure about crepe myrtle season. I just know that the blooms have my car covered. . .
    I'm glad you like the pics
    As far as the gel medium, I use it like you would Modge Podge. . .like a decoupage glue, but in gel form. I like it because the gel form glides over surfaces smoother and isn't as 'wet'. Basically, I use it as a glue. Of course, I know it has some kind of deeper purpose in art, but I have no idea what that is! ;)

  5. Cool pictures. I wouldnt have thought to snap a picture of the gel medium, guess you have to think outside the box!

  6. love the pink colour and the gel shot reminds of me of when I first tried to poach eggs....

  7. The crepe myrtle blooms do make a wonderful macro shot! I like the picture of the gel medium too. Love anything with texture!

    Have a great week!

  8. And here I thought that first shot was potpourri! Excellent...

  9. Tracey, It was one of those things. Just as I opened it, the texture in it just called to me! I do try to come up with some pictures that are a bit different.

    T..., You should have seen the pink before they started wilting. Too bad I forgot about it for a few hours. As for poaching eggs. . .I've never even tried. I bet mine would look similar! ;)

    Kym, As soon as I saw that pile in my driveway, I knew it was a perfect macro shot with all the texture and color. The gel was just for fun.

    Patty, I guess I could have scraped it up and used it for potpourri. . .not a bad idea.

    Thanks to all of you for stopping by! I do love comments!

  10. Great shots! And I know what you mean about the heat. Love the jar one.

    Have a great week.

  11. Thanks Lori!
    The heat is awful. Thankfully, the beach is close by!
    You enjoy your week as well!

  12. How in the world did you make the leaves blue behind that brilliant yellow marigold- wow, that was my favorite!! Hope you had a great weekend- it was crazy hot here too (and no wind...;-) )


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