My Thanks and Blue Bracelets

Thanks for all the support yesterday y'all!!
It really meant a ton.
Now to actually start working on the new goal instead of all the little bits of other tasks that distract me and suck the day away.

As you can see I finished the bracelet from yesterday. And, you can see the button I picked out for the closure.
Several of you guessed that I would use a different button, and that's the one I was actually leaning toward. 
However, as I picked it up and turned it over, I saw some writing on the back that indicates a particular maker and year. 

I want to do some reseach on this button before I use it. As well, it's a bit heavy and I was afaid it would send the balance of the bracelet off. So, I went with my second choice instead. The metal on the one being used has a blue-ish tint to it that I think goes well with the turquoise colored stones. 

As you can also tell in the bracelet picture, I'm now wearing the thing. I put it on as a test run, but am really kinda liking the feel of it. . .hmmmmm We'll see what I decide in a few days!

For now, here's another blue bracelet that was just listed in the shop today. 
French Lily Bracelet

Lastly, I want to encourage you to head over to JennP1751's blog for a GIVEAWAY!! Jenn and I are both in the Alabama Accents Team on Etsy. She makes some fab jewelry too. :)

On to the next item on the list!


  1. Sometimes you just gotta keep some of your creations for yourself! The new bracelets look great! How interesting that a button would have an inscription of the maker- would love to hear what you find out!

  2. Erin,
    I do keep/make a few items for myself from time to time, but I really didn't expect this to be one of them until I put it on. . .weird! I'll let it slide this time ;)

    I thought it was weird too. I'm looking it up now. I had to get the magnifying glass out to see the inscription better!

  3. Oh go ahead and keep the bracelet you can always make another one to go into your shop ;-)! I like the French Lily bracelet it is very famine pretty.

  4. Therese,
    You are right. . . but making another means another trip to Michael's for more beads. That could be DANGEROUS!! ;) I'm so glad you like that one! Thanks

  5. Tell me about it I just came from Michael's, I got a lot of neat stuff and still have the shirt on my back LOL!


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