Taking Care of Business

Though I mentioned that Pat and I were going to celebrate Valentines over the weekend, I didn't reveal our plans. Now that the weekend is over, I figured I'd let you know that we rented a condo on the Gulf (in Perdido Key, Florida.) I've got lots to share today, so I'll overload you with pretty beach pictures and details tomorrow. For now, this is what the view looked like when we left this morning.

It was very hard to leave, but we missed the kitties.

I've got a whole hoard of tasks to take care of this week.
  • I sold a pair of earrings and the buyer asked me to make a matching necklace. 
  • PLUS, the Bead Soup Blog Party reveal is Saturday!! I've got one piece made but I'd like to knock out a few more with the soup ingredients Patty sent me. 
  • And, I've got a bunch of items made whose pictures need to be cleaned up so they can be listed. 
  • In addition, these goodies arrived in the mail on Friday and I really want to play with them! **Added - these goodies were won from Kristen Robinson's blog**

I have also added this little spark of fun in the shop.
Doodle Whimsy Bracelet

Of course, today is Monday, and I did take a little time on the ride home from the beach to do some Meal Planning for Menu Plan Monday. Don't forget to take a look at the other menus linked up at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

B Out
L Out
D Ham steaks, mac-n-cheese, green beans

B Muffins
L Leftover pizza
D Taco soup, tortilla chips

B Cereal
L Ham sandwiches
D Grilled chicken, cauliflower, rice

B Eggs, bacon, toast
L Brats, baked beans
D Pork chops, scalloped potatoes, corn

B Cereal
L Tuna noodles

B Omelets
L Bagel pizzas
D Wedding reception

B Breakfast parfaits
L Grilled cheese and soup
D Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, peas

Before I go, let me share a few "Made Me Smile Monday" links for the fun of it.
  • Here's a cute little video that I've been saving. I've seen it around a few different places online, but I thought I'd share in case some of you haven't seen it yet - ladybug plays with sprinkles
  • This firewood sign made me chuckle. 
  • The grammar freak in me wants to remind you that commas are important -

It's taken me WAY too long to write this post. I keep getting distracted since I'm still totally in vacation mode. So, I need to go ahead and publish this in the hopes that it'll spur me to actually get started on some of those other "need-to-do" tasks.


  1. Glad you guys had a nice weekend. The new bracelet is very cool.

  2. Thanks Heather! We took it slow and had a nice time. I'll be posting about some of our adventures tomorrow! I'm glad you like the bracelet. I love shrink plastic!


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