Knocking it Out

If you read my post yesterday, you  know I was delaying the inevitable. Basically, I was putting off cleaning. I'm working to remedy that burden today with my "timer method".  This method involves me setting a timer (on my phone or iPad) for 30 minutes. I work (as I am now, writing this post) until the timer sounds and then make myself do something on my chore list. So far today, I've gotten the kitchen cleaned and most of the laundry done via this method. When the timer sounds next, I'll have to go clean the bathrooms. (Booooooo!!) I use this method all the time to help motivate me to get up from the craft I'm absorbed in or to pull myself away from the internet in order to complete some of my more despised tasks (i.e. anything related to cleaning). It really does help. Just thought I'd share and let you know that I do, indeed, clean my house.

Other than cleaning, I have been busy getting some work done also.
To prove this, I took some shots of my craft desk this morning for Bead Table Wednesday.

Check out some of the other Busy Beaders on the Bead Table Wednesday Flickr Group
Bead Table Wednesday

I also listed a new set of earrings
Royal Affair Earrings

The dang timer just went off. . .let me go ahead and share some Valentine links before I go all scrubby in the tubby.

Alright, I'm off for my long overdue appointment with a toilet brush!


  1. Deron used to study that way... Maybe I should try it for cleaning the house as well... :)

  2. I need to try this my whole day ends up being me running around like a headless chicken from one thing to another and nothing gets completely done!

  3. Patty,
    I still have days like that. It's not until it gets really bad around here that I MAKE myself focus and resort to this method. I really should use it all the time though!


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