Delaying the Inevitable

This was YESTERDAY'S Craft Desk, but I really liked the organized chaos of it!

I was just thinking how much I got accomplished today (delivered a custom piece, made breakfast, grocery shopped, etc) when I spotted a WiiMote in the floor, a few cups on the side table, and an article of clothing or two strewn about the living room. Let's just say I've been busy with other tasks. And, well, I'm not a 'cleaner.' I love to organize, but cleaning. . .not so much. Oh well, you can't win them all. I'll get to it, eventually.

For now, let's focus on the fun!
Like. . .  .

This new necklace in the shop.
Glass and Glam Necklace

And, another treasury that I'm featured in. I love the shade of purple that she has for this list. Luscious!
I Feel Like a Queen Treasury

Somehow, it took me until today to realize that Valentine's Day is on Monday. I kept thinking it was on a Tuesday. Doesn't matter, I don't think Pat and I will be celebrating it on either day anyway. (no worries, It WILL be celebrated) Of course, I do need to get a jump on my gift to him so I can share it with all of you, hopefully!
Until then, here are some other fantastic V-Day Ideas
I've got plans to bust out some earrings today before I head to Mobile this evening. So I best get to it!


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