Thrifty Thursday

So for this "Thrifty Thursday," I'm gonna mix it up a littleSimply put: here's quick link that's crafty AND thrifty. Some artists were challenged to make discard items into something else. Some of these are functional and cool, while others are a bit weird. You decide for yourself.

Lately, many people have been trying to become more thrifty and frugal because of the so-called possible recession and because of the rising gas prices. Here are a few funnies a friend e-mailed me that put a little bit of a lighter side on the increasing coasts of gas.

See! It's not just you that feels like they're being anally raped every time they pull up to the pump. Um well, I hope these make you chuckle as much as they made me chuckle.


  1. those shorts are so funny. I can't believe the crazy cost of gas now.

  2. I know, I know - I had a cashier at a gas station this morning tell me that she was now having to decide between purchasing gas and food because she's having a hard time affording both. CRAZY!!


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