Feel Good Friday (or not, whatever)

While today may be "Feel Good Friday" - I don't feel so well.All week, I've been dizzy with some nausea and a headache. Basically, I've felt hungover. . . ALL WEEK! Yesterday, I broke down and went to the doctor. Apparently, I have a sinus infection - my first ever! Yay for firsts - not so much.
Of course, before running any tests, the doctor asked (about three times), "Could you be pregnant?" I told her that would be awesome, but unfortunately not probable because of when my cycle ended. She just hung that bait out there like that, and me (being named HOPE and thus an obsessive optimist) waited with bated breath to hear my test results. She did break the lack of fetus to me gently before proclaiming the sinus infection.
I did crack up though as she was examining me and pressed on my forehead asking, "Do you feel any pressure here?" I thought - "Sure, I feel you pressing on my forehead." I kept that to myself though - didn't want her to mess up my drugs.

Anywho - Check out the following links to make you feel better about humanity and the videos to just make you feel better:
  • A little girl saved her mother's life. There is a video on the site you can watch. It says the same thing as the article, but you get to see the little girl in action and watch her do her therapy.
  • A Crafty Girl found a way to give back while still a student. Wow, she's accomplished so much. It's just inspiring.
  • I love Sesame Street! In this video, you get to see some of the celebrities that have graced the awesome show. Funny huh?
  • Lastly, this has been going around the internet today and I thought I would share. Kittens always make me feel warm and fuzzy.
Have a great, healthy weekend.

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