Wild Wild Web Wednesday

Yay for Wednesday!!
LOML* gets back from DC tonight AND it's "Wild Wild Web Wednesday"Here's some of the wacky and wild items from the interweb:
  • Remember the fold-ins in MAD Magazine? Whether you do or not, the NY Times online offers this interactive Fold In Feature of some of Al Jaffee's fold-ins from the 1960's-present that you should enjoy. It's really neat, really.
  • Talk about interactive, here's a toy piano you can actually play online!
  • For cute, twisted, and quick entertainment, how about a 30 second texas chainsaw massacre starring animated bunnies? Now that's what I call entertainment!!
  • Want to get back all those junk mail people who clog your mailbox and fill your trash can (not to mention landfills)? Mail them a brick at no cost to you. Heeheehee!!
  • Lastly, for those extreme nerds and/or geeks. Check out this video of Leonard Nimoy (yes, Dr. Spock) singing The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins!!! AWESOME! This is good stuff! What a gem of geeky goodness.
*LOML = Love of My Life

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  1. I love the junk mail revenge! We have to try that out.


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