Hooray for the Yay's

I'm in a REALLY good mood today (for some reason) and figured I'd better celebrate it while it lasts. Sooo, I just want to post real quick with a couple of Yay's!
Yay for my husband who woke me so sweetly ;) this morning!

Yay for Friday!

Yay for Mellow Mushroom's Gourmet White that I had for lunch (YUM!) !

Yay for Battlestar Gallactica's season premiere tonight! (yes, I am a BIG geek!)

Yay for a weekend with very few plans!

Yay for blueberry beer that some friends are picking up for me right now in Florida! (Don't dis it until you try it!)

Yay for good friends who call when they're in Florida and can pick you up really good beer!

Yay for warmer weather that means I can get in the water soon!

Yay for (since I've already admitted my geekiness) the New Kids reunion. (It reminds me of my youth, alright!)

Yay for the beautiful azaleas and wisteria that are blooming all over lower Alabama right now!

Yay for a brighter outlook on life!

Yay for you visiting my blog!

I want to add a reminder to look for and celebrate all the little Yay's in your life too!!

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  1. OK, I have to admit: my body sort of "jumped" when I saw the headline on MSNBC about the NKOTB reunion!


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