Thrifty Thursday - tiny but mighty haul

I do love a good deal and/or finding a special treasure at a thrift store or antique mall. This past month, I didn't have many opportunities to go treasure hunting as I was trying to stay safe. But, I did luck up with just a few items that I'm crazy over!

You can watch the video at the end of the post to see other details of what I got but, above is the gist of it. While at Southern Antiques and Accents to care for my booth, I walked around the antique mall for a little while and found both some flashcards and a box of awesome (more on that in a bit.) I ran into the Dollar Tree afterward for a few supplies and brought home a set of sweet valentine fabric bags. 

Now, for the real diamond in the rough!

This beautifully rusted box was tucked into the same booth as the flashcards and simply labeled "Railroad Box".

Inside was a bounty of typed and handwritten papers from the '40s.

(I put them in file folders myself to sort them.)

Here's a look at just some of what was in there.

I have to admit that it wasn't until after I filmed my video of the haul that I realized that the paperwork was from the Gulf, Mobile, and Ohio Railroad (GM&O) - where MY GREAT-GRANDFATHER WORKED IN THE '40s!!!! I've gone quickly through most of the papers looking for his name, to no avail. But, it's still so cool. 

I was worried that my husband would chide me for buying a metal box full of papers. So, I told him that I would cut the box up for jewelry if I needed to.

He informed me that I would do no such thing, "That box is too cool to be cut up." Yay!

That's all there was for January. But, less can be more. And, this was such an awesome haul! Here's my January Thrifty Haul video on YouTube if you want to see me show off these treasures. 

Have you found anything good lately?


  1. I bet your great grandfather's getting a chuckle from your treasure hunt find. Cool indeed! Sparkle on!

    1. Monica, I bet he would just shake his head at me for treasuring something that they probably found little value in. I still think it's cool!

  2. It is possible a historical society or museum might be interested in those papers if you are willing to part with them. I would definitely treasure that box.

    1. Kathy, I did think about that. But so many of those papers have little historical significance. Most of them are just copies of letters denying overtime because it wasn't authorized. And, from my research, most of those interested in the GM&O are just interested in the trains themselves. Thanks for your suggestion though!

  3. Ha, I always wanted to ask you if you read these old letters and papers :) The box is such an unique find!


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