Bead Soup Received

Happy Mardi Gras! What better day to show off some beads? LOL!
I mentioned the Bead Soup Swap a few weeks ago and even gave you a little taste of it. Despite a few hiccups in the shipping times, my partner, Robin, and I both received our bead soups. We even opened the packages up together via a video call. Before I share what Robin sent to me, let me show you what I sent to her. 
I went a little crazy with making the packaging all pretty, even pulling out the gelli plate to decorate some papers.

I sewed the beads into little paper packages. Yeah, I did say I went a little crazy!

And, all of it coordinated (as a bit of a hint) with what was inside.
For Robin, I created a little shadowbox with a mother-of-pearl button inside. Since the solder was darkened, I included both a gunmetal clasp and a shinier silvery one. For coordinating beads, there's some labradorite, cherry quartz, clear crystals, freshwater pearls, black glass, gunmetal spacers, and shell beads. I also popped in a few mother-of-pearl buttons, a soldered bubble, and a word charm.

Now, for what Robin spoiled me with!
Look at all that AMAZING!

There are great metal elements,

Gorgeous stone and pearl beads,

Some very cool Indian glass beads,

Several beautiful clasps,

And then there were the amazing focals!

Robin spoiled me completely and gave me so many options, I hardly know where to begin. I did record a quick video of the Bead Soup I Received if you're interested in seeing those details. 

I'd like to thank Robin for the plethora of beauties that she bestowed upon me as well as Lori for resurrecting this fun swap. I've already enjoyed watching what everyone else has swapped over at the Bead Soup Cafe on Facebook. If you're not already a member, I encourage you to join so that you can keep up with all the happenings and find out if and when there's another swap. Make sure to stay tuned for the reveal on April 3rd (rescheduled for) April 10th!


  1. Wow!! you have hit the jackpot. Its such an amazing soup that you guy' exchanged, I see so many possibilities. You should put coins, pearls and amethyst in the white saucer into one necklace. I know its not your usual style but it will be gorgeous. I am anxiously waiting for my own soup to arrive.

    1. Divya, I really did luck out with my partner and soup. Those coin pearls are definitely going to be used somehow. I love how many colors are in them. I'm not sure if I can combine them with the amethyst and freshwater pearls, but tanks for the idea. I've got a few other deadlines on my plate right now, but can't wait to dive into that soup in the next week or two!

  2. You've exchanged some beautiful treasures and it makes me even more anxious to see the reveals!

  3. Wonderful soup you sent and received. And I love how you packaged yours!

    1. Ann, didn't I luck up with that soup and a great partner? I went a little crazy with packaging it up. I think I needed some paper play and let myself get carried away. Ha! Thanks for popping by.


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